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    current adoptables 




    1. Applicant must completely fill out application and email it to

    2. Goodnight Farm Rescue receives, reviews and approves application

    3. Meet-n-greet between applicant and dog is scheduled, ideally in the applicant's home

    4. If meet-n-greet goes well, a two-week trial period is then scheduled

      1. A Goodnight Farm Rescue representative will bring the dog to the applicants home along with a copy of all vet records and a one-week's supply of the food they have been eating​ 

    5. If the trial period goes well, as determined by both the applicant and a Goodnight Farm Rescue representative, all official adoption paperwork can then be completed!

    6. Upon adoption, Goodnight Farm Rescue requires an adoption fee of $250.00 to help defray the expense of food, board, medical care and advertising. As a non-profit, Goodnight Farm Rescue operates with a very limited budget, and all adoption fees are non-refundable. 

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